Where’s Delph?

Much has been made recently in the press and by the current England manager about the lack of home-grown players playing their trade in the Premiership.

Where’s Delph?

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October 9th, 2013

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Roy Hodgson has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t have the resources available to him that he should, and that the FA and the Premier League should do something about it. Although I agree that something should be done, I would love to ask Mr Hodgson how he can justify his selections.

According to ‘Whoscored (www.whoscored.com)’ there are currently 7 English players in the list of top 20 Premier League players based on their average rating. Five of these players (Ross Barkley, Daniel Sturridge, Steven Gerrard, Leighton Baines and Andros Townsend) have been named in the latest England squad but there are two missing.

Hull City’s Curtis Davis and Villa’s very own Fabian Delph make up that seven, but are nowhere near the England set-up. Those who watch Aston Villa on a regular basis will know that Delph has had a fantastic 2013, as he is finally starting to live up to his early potential.

There have been calls from many football pundits for the former Leeds midfielder to be given a chance on the International stage, including one from former Birmingham City player Robbie Savage. Fabian Delph is currently the top-rated English midfielder in the Premiership – rated two places above captain Steven Gerrard – but continues to be overlooked.

So why exactly is he being overlooked? Aston Villa are well known for producing more England Internationals than any other club in the world so surely it can’t be who he plays for? Or is it?

From the latest squad, only three of the 24 picked are players who play for clubs outside of last season’s top 7 in the Premiership. Two of them are goalkeepers John Ruddy (Norwich) and Celtic’s Frazer Forster, while the other is Southampton’s Ricky Lambert.

It took Lambert a whole season, finishing top English goal-scorer in the Premiership and numerous calls from football pundits before he was finally given an opportunity. When he was finally given a chance he went on to score on his debut.

So what exactly does Fabian Delph have to do to get noticed by ‘Woy’? Move to a top seven club? Or just hope that enough pundits call for him to be called up?

Either way Roy Hodgson needs to stop moaning about his lack of players available and take a good luck at those outside the top seven. There are plenty of good young English players available, including 23-year old Delph.

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