What’s in a colour?

They haven't have they? How could they? I never thought they would? I'm not wearing it. It looks like Nottingham Forest's... Just some of the comments posted on the Leicester till I Die social network sites these past two days.

What’s in a colour?

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August 20th, 2014

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Leicester City finally released their ‘away’ and third strips.

Now these strips are the stuff of club arguments from John O’Groats to Land’s End. Something for fans to batter the club with. We all have our traditional club colours and unless you are Vincent Tan at Cardiff, you should as an owner never play with the first team colours.

Leicester are royal blue and white, always will be, always have been. Well that is unless you go back to the very beginning when we were black with a light blue diagonal strip, or following that light blue & chocolate brown halves, or even light blue arms and royal blue chest, or blue and white stripes, or just plain Sky (Coventry) blue….. you get the picture I think.

But yes our ‘main’ strip colours have been royal blue and white as long as living memory will allow.

Away strip colours, well this is less important, let’s be honest. The idea is that it is something that will be different enough to sell in quantity. Most fans will buy the first team shirt – especially this season with it being our first in the Premier League for 10 years, and its button-down collar effect giving it the ‘different’ feel. So why buy the away/third top at all?

Remember Euro ’96 and the England Grey second strip? No association with England whatsoever, but it went well with jeans and therefore sold in vast quantities (mine’s still in the cupboard).

Away shirts for Leicester? Well I am firmly in the white shirt camp, but can be swayed into the black shirt if pushed. Never been fussed for the yellow if I’m honest (didn’t stop me buying one in the sale though) but liked last season’s and love the new gold one.

Red though? Well we have had red before, in fact on about six occasions. Gary Lineker can be viewed wearing an all-red away strip, as can Bloomfield entertainers of the 70s.

So why the fuss? So red is like Nottingham Forest. Well white is like Derby County, well blue is like Chelsea, Everton, Cardiff (oops not any more), again you get the picture.

Our owners have been fantastic, if the only thing we can fault them with is a ‘red third strip’ then we’re not doing too badly.

It will be bought by a few but let’s face it, it’s the third kit, it is limited and will probably only be seen in a few Capital Cup games to help sales.

And let’s face it, even that is better than Kasper Schmeichel’s pink (officially Beetroot) ‘keepers jersey.

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