Welcome to the Premier League, Leicester City

Well no one said it was going to be easy, but after eight games back in the top flight I am confused. But then being a fan of Leicester City, this happens quite a bit.

Welcome to the Premier League, Leicester City

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October 23rd, 2014

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Looking at the fixture list during pre-season we had Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United as four of our opening five fixtures; with the 5th being a dogged Stoke City side who had beaten us in last year’s FA Cup, you could have forgiven us Foxes fans for thinking this was a baptism of fire back into the top flight.

Then look at the following games against Crystal Palace, fellow promotees Burnley, and strugglers Newcastle United and you would think these would be the games we would easily win.

But oh no, this is Leicester City.

Draws against Everton and Arsenal, a spirited defeat to Chelsea (who went on to hammer Everton), a hard-fought victory over Stoke City and oh yes ‘THAT’ win against Manchester United, and Leicester were being lorded all over the national press and TV for our fighting spirit.

Fans of teams we were due to play were saying to me ‘Don’t fancy playing your lot’.

But then came, well let’s just call them the ‘easier’ games. Losses to Palace and a Newcastle side low on confidence and the leakiest defence in the league, along with a draw against bottom-three side Burnley and everything has changed.

Coming up from The Championship, we were the unknown quantity and we surprised a few pundits. Teams were looking at us with a bit of fear in their eyes. That fear, it has to be said, has gone.

If we want to stay up this season, Palace, Burnley and Newcastle are the teams we should be beating.

We need to get the fear factor back.

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