We want our Villa back!

I couldn’t bare myself watching the club I love so much go down without a fight once again

We want our Villa back!

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May 14th, 2012

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It is hard to sit here right now and write about anything remotely positive about Aston Villa Football Club.

I consider myself a die hard Aston Villa supporter, I have been a season ticket holder for as long as I can remember (already renewed for next season), I had my wedding reception at Villa Park and when they say a man probably thinks about sex every 9 seconds, well I would say I think about Villa every 10.

I had a ticket to go to Norwich yesterday, but decided against going and sold my ticket. Instead I found myself out with the wife today (yes, even she was shocked I chose her over football), and at the time of writing this I haven’t seen any kind of footage from the 2-0 defeat to Paul Lamberts Norwich City side.

I felt we were safe and couldn’t bare myself watching the club I love so much go down without a fight once again

The fact is, on another season Aston Villa would have been relegated and we have found ourselves to be extremely lucky.

Alex McLeish should leave the club this week, and the owner needs to take a long hard look at himself.

Yes I understand that a football club is a business and can only spend what it can afford – but for me the buck stops with the American, Randy Lerner.

He allowed Martin O’Neill to overspend before, unofficially, sacking him. He then brought in a man who had been out of the game for a few years and had a health problem before having to release him with quite a hefty pay off.

Just to top it off, and give all Aston Villa fans a slap in the face, he then paid our rivals Birmingham City £3million for the services of Alex McLeish.

Of course many fans didn’t want the man partly because of where he had come from but the other reason was that he didn’t exactly have a record that makes you rub your hands together with envy.

Three seasons in the Premiership ended in two relegations. He also contributed to Rangers finishing third in the Scottish Premier, yet the media have continued to overlook his abysmal record and back the man who has the lowest win rate in the Premiership this season.

The simple fact of the matter is that we as Aston Villa fans don’t believe we have a god given right to challenge for silverware, but what we do believe is the club has a proud history and players should give their all for the opportunity to wear the famous Claret and Blue jersey

So, Randy Lerner needs to sack not only Alex McLeish and his back room staff, but also Aston Villa’s Chief Executive Paul Faulkner who hasn’t got a clue about the running of a football club.

He then needs to bring in a manager, who the fans will get behind and the players will respect or be sold.

As a football fan I am not really asking for a lot by asking to have my football club back, or am I?

Words by Stuart of @villafan, check out the rest of his Footballscores.com Aston Villa blog.

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