Villa’s Summer of Unrest

Following another pretty poor season fighting relegation, Aston Villa supporters now face a summer of unrest after it was announced that the club would be put up for sale.

Villa’s Summer of Unrest

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May 30th, 2014

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Owner Randy Lerner promised a statement once the Premier League season had come to a close and, true to his word, a statement was released the following morning – the problem was, it probably left more questions than it gave answers.

The vast majority of the Villa faithful wanted the American to put the club on the market to seek a fresh new start, but most were expecting more than a statement saying the club was up for sale. We wanted to hear that the club was in advanced talks and that it would be just a matter of time before the new owner took charge.

As it stands we have been linked with just about everybody on the Forbes rich list with a history of buying sports brands, but the reality is we don’t know if a deal is close or whether we will be going into next season with the same ownership.

It is reported that Lerner wants around £200 million for the club and all its assets, but are we worth that? The simple answer is yes, despite the fact that when he purchased the club from Doug Ellis he paid a little over £60million.

Randy Lerner got himself a steal and he knew it. Ellis wanted someone to come in and take the club forward – and at first it looked like it could be possible but looking at us right now, we are probably in a worse position than when the club was originally sold.

According to the Brand Directory we are the 23rd most valuable football brand in the world – 8th in the UK – meaning we are in a great position to be taken on to the next level.

Villa Park is one of the best grounds in the country and it does have permission to extend. Then we have Villa Village, The Holte Pub and one of the best training grounds in the country in Bodymoor Heath. The club also owns plenty of land around Aston – just add to that pretty impressive portfolio.

The club also averaged around a support of 35,000 last season which isn’t bad if you take a look at the home form since Paul Lambert has taken over. The numbers would soon shoot up as well if there was some hope for the fans moving forward.

So as you can see, it is a very buyable football club with the scope to go places. Now all we need is a sale sooner rather than later.

The latest rumours suggest a deal will be complete by the end of the World Cup – as Villa fans we can only hope these rumours are true as, one way or another, we need to know the vision moving forward. Football fans need something to cling on to and Aston Villa fans are no different.

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