Time for the Maiga and Carroll partnership to commence

I still can’t get over the fact that we have got Andy Carroll amongst our ranks!

Time for the Maiga and Carroll partnership to commence

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October 15th, 2012

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I actually got a bit excited when he come on for England on Friday night, but there was that uneasiness that was picking away at the back of my brain, reminding me of the whole Dean Ashton episode. Every time a San Marino player came near him, I was just thinking “here we go!” Thankfully, it never happened.

We all know what Sam Allardyce’s main tactic is going to be this season – get the ball out wide to Jarvis/Vaz Te, and they will whip the ball into the oncoming beast known as Andy Carroll. If that doesn’t work, then give the ball back to Collins, who will smash the ball up to the England striker to hold up and bring others into play. These tactics worked wonders against Fulham, and I can see it working against a quite few other teams but if Plan Allardyce is not working, then we need a Plan B.

I would personally like to see Andy Carroll and Modibo Maiga working together. Maiga is at his best when the ball is at his feet. He has a fantastic first-touch as well as being pretty capable in the air. I’d like to see him playing just off Carroll, who will certainly create space for him, as it usually takes 2/3 defenders to be able to cope with Andy’s aerial ability.

Against Arsenal, Big Sam decided to chuck Carlton Cole on to play alongside Carroll, but in my opinion, I cannot see that partnership working as I have always believed in the little and large combination up front. Cole and Carroll will just not work in my eyes, as Cole is not very good at reading the game and also does not have the skill to take on defenders.

Big Sam is just waiting for Maiga to get used to the speed of the English game; some never do, but I have every faith that he will overcome that initial shock. He has the talent to become a fan favourite, and I think Allardyce is handling the situation properly by not just chucking him into the deep end; he is breaking him in slowly. The future for West Ham fans will surely be exciting! Come on you irons!

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