The Olympic Stadium fiasco is finally over

It has taken over 3 years and 3 wins to finally get the keys to the Olympic Stadium. Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding the right move for West Ham to take, but I do believe us going to the Olympic Stadium is the right choice. If we were to stay at The Boleyn Ground, we would most likely never see West Ham win any major trophies, but the potential income with the Olympic Stadium will give us a chance to buy and attract better players.

The Olympic Stadium fiasco is finally over

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March 25th, 2013

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Let’s say it is 2016, West Ham and West Brom both want to sign the same player and both give the player the same deal. Which team would he choose? The team with a world-class stadium which housed a historic event, or West Brom? (This is in no way meant to be disrespecting West Brom, it was just a team picked at random. In fact, I like West Brom. They play proper football and have a good following.)

I strongly believe that moving into the Olympic Stadium will allow us to consistently be a top-eight team. David Sullivan has come out and said that he believes we will be playing Champions League football in the future. I am personally not going to get my hopes up and I will be more than happy with finishing in the top eight most seasons.

Whenever there is good, there is bad. We will never OWN the Olympic Stadium and after selling The Boleyn Ground, we will effectively own nothing. Boris Johnson said that under extreme measures, we are able to be kicked out of the stadium before the 99-year lease is up.

I don’t know what an extreme measure is, but I certainly hope it is not getting into a riot with Millwall fans, as that is bound to happen in the future at some point; should that happen we will most likely be knocking on Barry Hearn’s door, asking if we can ground share at Brisbane Lane with Leyton Orient.

As I said earlier, everyone is entitled to their opinion on our move to the Olympic Stadium. I think it is wrong to tell an elderly gentleman that has been a season ticket holder for 40 years that he is wrong for wanting to stay at a place that he calls his second home.

It surely is exciting times ahead for West Ham United. I fully trust that David Sullivan, David Gold and Karren Brady will deliver the goods. Come on you irons!


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