Ten-man West Ham

Currently, the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Kevin Nolan is ‘undroppable.’

Ten-man West Ham

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November 22nd, 2013

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This is quite worrying as a player who is renowned for his goal-scoring and leadership skills. The words that should be coming to mind are ‘goalscorer’ or ‘captain Kev.’

The Geordie hit the onion bag in the opening game of the season. Since then, Big Sam’s right-arm (and left-arm) man has been shooting blanks, scoring only one goal in eleven games. This time last year he had scored a much-improved tally of five goals; quite a difference in numbers.

So when Kevin Nolan is not hitting the net, what does he do? He is incapable of a good pass or tackle. I will never take away his captaincy attributes as he is a proven leader, but I’d say Mark Noble is more than competent enough to fill that role if Big Sam did the right thing and dropped our Captain. This would allow our top goal-scorer, Ravel Morrison, to play in his predominant role.

The England under-21 International has proved that he is not only better under pressure, but also has a better finish than Nolan, so why does Allardyce persist? Is it down to arrogance? Or maybe there is something he has been bringing to the team for the past ten games that I am oblivious to?

I personally believe that if someone is consistently putting in a poor shift, they deserve to be dropped. It is as simple as that. Let’s enter a parallel universe, one where Sam Allardyce is capable of dropping Nolan. We could play a 4/5/1 formation with Morrison sitting just behind Cole/Petric. We should also have both Jarvis and Downing on the wings, putting the ball into the box. At least we would have a striker in the box challenging for a header. At the moment they are putting the ball into the box for no reason and just gifting the opposition with the ball.

Come on Big Sam. You have done some fantastic things for us in your short tenure at the club. The fans are getting restless and it is time to do the right thing. You know it makes sense. Come on you Irons!

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