Superblog Launches

The first Football Superblog

Superblog Launches

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February 1st, 2012

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The first Football Superblog

We keep a keen eye on the Football Blogosphere here at, reading as much of your comment and analysis as we can but sometimes there’s just too much out there to keep up!

That’s why we’re assembling a team of football bloggers and writers to create the first Football Superblog. We’ve asked 10 of our favourite online writers (each of which support a different premiership team) to get the ball rolling. In the near future we hope to increase to 1 writer per team, starting with the Premiership but eventually across all leagues. Ambitious, we know.

Visit the Meet The Bloggers page to find out which teams and writers we’ve chosen for round one and get in touch with our media partners on this project if you’d like to be considered to take part.

Our bloggers’ article will be coming through soon so until then, happy browsing!

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