Sunderland’s ‘B’ Word

Sunderland’s start to the season has left many fans bemused. The initial run of five draws and one defeat from the first six games left fans scratching their head about what sort of team Sunderland will be during the 2014/15 season?

Sunderland’s ‘B’ Word

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October 14th, 2014

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Countless conversations occurred around the ground and across the public houses of Wearside and still, well over a month removed from the transfer window closing, barely a sentence could be uttered without mentioning “The B Word”.

“The B Word” being a certain Italian striker-come-winger we had on loan last season who made quite the impact.

Not wanting to harp on about him too much, but even without him fans still discussed at length how we missed him and how he seemed to bring an energy and urgency which was sorely lacking through the first part of this season.

Thankfully in recent weeks a new “B Word” has emerged in a similar position, and provided the team with great impetus in every game in which he’s featured. That man being Will Buckley.

For as long as Gus Poyet has been in charge of the club we’ve been linked with two of his former favourites at Brighton and Hove Albion.

Liam Bridcutt arrived relatively quickly, and after an initial solid showing has somewhat faded to becoming Lee Cattermole’s able deputy. Quite the fall for someone Poyet himself said he would sign at any club in the world, even Real Madrid if the Uruguayan ever ended up in the Bernabeu’s managerial hotseat.

With Bridcutt’s overall impact being assessed as lacklustre at best, and Buckley being someone else similarly praised by Poyet, there was a feeling that we’d heard this all before and expected along with wing-man to flop in similar circumstances.

As if to add further fire to the fans ire, Buckley was brought in shortly after the deal for the original “B Word” was declared dead in the water.

This was it then. A decent enough Championship player for a fraction of the price of the player we really wanted.

There was no expectation for Buckley to do anything. Perhaps a blessing in disguise? I think so. I don’t mind admitting I was one who was initially disappointed with his signing, and have since been proven dead wrong.

Buckley’s first cameo against Manchester United was mightily impressive, and further good performances have shown that perhaps Poyet does indeed have an eye for a player.

Buckley’s game isn’t a complex one, but it is an exciting one. What he lacks in tricks and flicks he makes up for in pace and a nose for getting in the penalty area. Granted he hasn’t hit the back of the net yet, but you sense the goals will come for him with the positions he’s gotten himself into and chances missed.

There’s something about when he’s on the ball that gets the fans to their feet. There’s always the sense that something might, just might, be about to happen, and the more we can get him involved in the team and the play, the better we’ll be for it.

Arguably we’ve not had such excitement on the wings since the days of Summerbee, Johnston and more recently Borini… Ah dammit. I told you it’s difficult to get through any Sunderland talk without mentioning him!

The original “B Word” is dead, long live the new “B Word”!

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