Stick or twist on Big Sam?

December has been seeing football managers getting sacked left, right and centre. After a string of poor results, is it time for Big Sam to go as well? For me personally, I can’t firmly say yes or no.

Stick or twist on Big Sam?

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December 18th, 2013

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We will get onto the bad points later. Sam Allardyce got us back up into the Premier League at the first time of asking; anything less could have spelt financial ruin for the club. We then finished in the top half in our first season back. Also, we have become a lot more defensively sound, and Winston Reid for one has most certainly flourished under Big Sam’s watch.

Next on the agenda is Ravel Morrison. Sam Allardyce achieved what Alex Ferguson couldn’t by taming the youngster. I feel the gaffer and Nolan did a great job turning the youngster around. No one can deny just how much of an asset Morrison is for us, and we have Big Sam to thank for that. Lastly, Sam Allardyce has provided us with some triumphant wins over rivals such as Tottenham, Chelsea and Millwall.

Now it is time to move onto the unpleasant side of Sam. His arrogance is annoying. His fixation with continuously playing Kevin Nolan irritates the West Ham faithful no end. Captain Kev has been shooting blanks since scoring in our opening game of the season. Allardyce also stuck with his ‘false number 9’ tactic after beating Spurs, even though it was evident that it wasn’t working and a large majority of the West Ham fans were screaming out for him to mix it up. Once he finally listened to the fans and dropped the failing tactic, we beat Fulham 3-0.

Maybe one of the biggest flaws of Big Sam; his poor decision-making when buying players. I wrote an article before we permanently signed Andy Carroll saying that it will be bad for us to sign him for two reasons. Firstly, we would be putting all of our eggs in one basket, when we had a few areas of the pitch that we needed to strengthen. Secondly, I said he is obviously injury-prone. We then also have the likes of Jarvis, Maiga, Baldock, Maynard and so on. But in defence of Sam, he did get us Diame.

I think we should see what happens over the Xmas period. Premature decisions could cause more harm than good. COYI!

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