QPR must show more fight

One of the biggest requirements for a Premier League side is the ability to battle in the face of adversity.

QPR must show more fight

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November 5th, 2012

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Whether you are at the top or the bottom of the league the team must have the character and wherewithal to stand up and be counted. So far this season QPR have not shown enough of this trait and this goes a long way in explaining why the club is rooted to the foot of the table.

It is very tough on sides to be judged after only 10 games at the start of the season, but fight is one thing certainly lacking in Mark Hughes’ squad. While there have been some impressive individual performances this season, all too often it has not been the collective that have stood as one. Admittedly there have been several new faces in the side this year but it is rapidly approaching the point where excuses have to stop.

The worry for QPR is that with several players approaching the twilight of their careers, this lack of fight could really hinder them if they get stuck in a relegation scrap. Quite a few of Hughes’ recent purchases are players who have had success at other clubs but were not playing as regularly as they would like. Moving or remaining in the Premier League guarantees them a certain way of life and unfortunately that is being portrayed on the pitch.

Normally when a side is struggling, it is the younger players who are charging around whilst the older players have the nous and experience to calmly go about their business. Players like Ji-Sung Park and Shaun Wright-Philips have played previously for some of the leading clubs in the league but now find themselves at the wrong end of the table. Do these players have the stomach and the belief to escape if things do not improve significantly in the coming months?

During Hughes’ managerial career he has become synonymous for his sides being like he was as a player; determined and tough. However, during his tenure at Loftus Road this characteristic has not been displayed nearly enough and he must galvanise his players quickly. His side now face a spell of games in which they have to start climbing up the table; if they don’t then it could even spell the end of his reign at the club.

Winning is a mentality, and once you have tasted success you want more of it. On the other hand, losing can also become something you can get all too accustomed to and it certainly appears that QPR are experiencing this at the moment. The first win of the season still eludes the side – and the longer this goes on, the harder they are going to find it to escape the drop zone.

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