Palace appears to be an attractive investment

At the time of writing it appears that Crystal Palace Football Club will have be under new ownership in the coming weeks.

Palace appears to be an attractive investment

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October 29th, 2014

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An American businessman named Josh Harris is understood to be in advanced negotiations with the Premier League club. If the takeover proves to be successful, Palace will become the sixth club in the top flight of English football to have an American owner.

Quite what the takeover will represent for the club is yet to be revealed but Crystal Palace in its current shape is an attractive proposition for any owner. Despite the club lying currently in 16th place in the table, it seems unlikely that they will get drawn into a relegation battle. Considering the sudden departure of former manager Tony Pulis just before the season began, a period of uncertainty was always likely; the fact that they have started slowly but become more assured should stand them in good stead.

With Premier League status the club will always be able to attract talent. With the huge catchment area available to the club and the brilliant reputation they have for promoting youth there are many positives when looking at Palace as an investment. There is no doubt that the club have experienced turbulent times in recent years but they appear to have turned a significant corner.

If the takeover is completed it would seem likely that a new stadium could also be mooted. The club had entertained the idea a few years ago but due to financial constraints had to shelve immediate plans. Whilst the idea of a new stadium would appear incredibly lucrative to an investor, they would be foolish not to notice the atmosphere and effect Selhurst Park has upon the club and the opposition.

It is understood that Harris himself has been to watch Palace play at their home ground three times this season and the atmosphere cannot have escaped him. The club has been playing at Selhurst since 1924 and a move away would be tough for some supporters; with a capacity of 26,255 and an average attendance of 24,127 there is more than an argument to suggest staying.

Of course the main thing any investor is looking at is the playing squad. Having enjoyed a wonderful finish to last season confidence has remained high, despite the setbacks, and the club certainly has a talented squad. With players like Bolasie, Gayle, Jedinak and Zaha at the club the future looks bright and, along with some investment, could become a very respectable Premier League club.

There are always uncertain times ahead when any possible takeover is mentioned, but this should be viewed as an opportunity for both parties. Focusing on the purely football aspects, it would provide the club with the means to improve which is surely what everyone associated with Crystal Palace wants.

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