Luis Suarez owes Liverpool respect, not loyalty

The 20th Century preacher Edwin Louis Cole once said, "Confidentiality is a virtue of the loyal, as loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness." This quote crossed my mind the other day when Luis Suarez broke his holiday to speak to a Uruguayan radio station, and further push himself towards the exit door at Liverpool.

Luis Suarez owes Liverpool respect, not loyalty

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July 12th, 2013

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Such is my ire by his latest comments, that “a phone call could change anything” that I feel inclined, in the same way many Reds fans are now, in just wishing Suarez on his way.

That’s letting him off lightly. Some fans would gladly give the Uruguayan a shove in the backside out of the door now, should a solid amount of cash come flying back at us.

It is all easy to question Suarez’s loyalty to a club that has stuck by him through a series of controversial incidents.

For those who have been asleep at the back for the last couple of years, we’re talking about a charge of racial abuse, offensive gesturing and taking a bite at Branislav Ivanovic.

English press take note, it was a bite at the Chelsea defender, not actually of him, or indeed eating his head – which your reaction would have us believe.

Nevertheless, this questioning appearing on websites, blogs and Twitter timelines is somewhat naive.

Liverpool would not have stood by Suarez through these controversies had he been a mediocre player, nor even a good player.

With Suarez we’re talking about a world-class talent – amongst the best players in the world, admired by the best players in the world, and worthy of playing with the best players in the world.

Liverpool’s so-called loyalty to Suarez had everything to do with him being a key to a successful future at the club by his football ability and the huge investment in terms of money he has cost, and little to do with him being an employee of the club.

But that doesn’t mean Suarez should forget where respect is due, and this summer the 26-year-old has shown little of it.

So why force his way out of Anfield like this? Turning to the media for sly remarks about desires to play with Christiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid? Turning to the media who vilified him to create a route out of Merseyside?

Because he lacks the confidentiality a loyal servant would, just like Edwin Louis Cole at the beginning of this piece. It’s quite frankly,¬†embarrassing.

Have some respect and dignity, Luis. Hand in a transfer request.

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