Have we unearthed a diamond, or will he crack under the pressure?

It would have been extremely easy for me to write an article dedicated to our triumphant win over Tottenham on Sunday, but in this article I want to concentrate on Ravel Morrison, a player that is living way beyond my expectations.

Have we unearthed a diamond, or will he crack under the pressure?

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October 11th, 2013

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Upon his arrival on the 31st of January last year, he brought a lot of baggage with him. I am not going to go into detail about his off-field problems as the kid seems to have turned things around.

A lot of people, including West Ham fans, were saying “if Fergie cannot sort the kid out, then we have no chance.” This was a statement I was having mixed emotions on as we have Big Sam, who is known for his interpersonal traits. Within a couple of months of Ravel Morrison putting pen to paper, there were countless rumours about the youngster turning up late for training, not turning up to training at all or just having conflicts with fellow players/staff. It was at this point I started to believe the player was beyond helping himself.

Big Sam had a decision to make, and that was to send the youngster to Birmingham on a season-long loan. It was reported that he still had issues with turning up to training and having encounters with players, which almost led to the Birmingham manager, Lee Clark, terminating the contract. Fortunately this never materialised and Morrison went on to become an integral player for the rest of the season.

Now he is back at West Ham, and he cannot stop putting the ball in the back of the net. He has scored 10 goals for us: 6 during pre-season, 2 in the league cup and 2 in the premier league. Ravel Morrison is getting all of the credit he deserves.

Big Sam stated that Morrison turned things around himself, with a little help from both Kevin Nolan and Mark Noble. I just hope the club does not apply too much pressure; how many times have we seen players crack under the spotlight? Personally, I think he is someone that will turn that pressure into good performances.

I’ve always written and asked for us to get a player that likes running at the opposition’s defence. We now have one in Ravel Morrison and I fully believe we have unearthed a diamond. Come on you irons!

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