Has the Tide turned?

Aston Villa managed their first victory in the Premiership since the 15th of December when they beat Liverpool 3-1 at Anfield, but can Villa use this victory to push on and get themselves into a much safer secure position?

Has the Tide turned?

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February 12th, 2013

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The short term answer to that question is most likely a big fat No! With both Arsenal and Manchester City up next for Paul Lamberts men we would most likely expect no points from either.

What we must try to do is have a real good go at them – both are well known for conceding goals this season and with this being our weakness should we sit back we could find ourselves on the other end of another Chelsea 8-0 drumming – the last thing we need right now.

Paul Lambert needs to set up his team to attack both sides and should we go on to lose having had a go at them, then we can’t really complain. Afterall both teams are better than Aston Villa as much as we all like to believe our football team in the best on the planet.

Once we get them two out the way we have two massive fixtures against Brian McDermott’s Reading and Harry Redknapp’s Queens Park Rangers and these are the games that will decide Aston Villa’s Premiership future.

This is when we will be able to answer weather the tide has turned or not.

Another question in my mind is whether or not those games will be coming at the wrong time though!

Should we go on to lose against both Arsenal and Manchester City as most football enthusiasts would put their money, on then what damage will this do to our confidence that we would of gained following the hard thought victory over Sam Alladyce’s team?

This is when Paul Lambert will have to earn his money. He will have to improve the players morale and get them ready for a battle against two sides who will go all out for victory.

I have said many times this season that certain games are ‘must-win’ games – well the fixtures against Reading and QPR are and should we fail to beat them then we better start preparing ourselves for Friday night football at the likes of Barnsley next season.

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