Death to the interlull

Good god, life without Arsenal is tedious.

Death to the interlull

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September 10th, 2014

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It’s bad enough during the summer when we have to accept that the players might possibly need a holiday from playing football twice a week, but this break when the season has just got started and we are all just beginning to feel warm and fuzzy, overflowing with the hopes and dreams of what heartbreak lies ahead in the upcoming season? Well, it needs to die.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m from Northern Ireland, so watching my national team play is like cheering on the lame puppy in a race that I don’t overly have much time for international football, but mostly it’s because I just prefer watching Arsenal play and the intensity of domestic football over the ‘yeah, well, whatever’ attitude I find myself adopting for internationals.

Even the World Cup this summer didn’t really do it for me this year, an admission I’ve tried not to make as most people seemed to agree that Brazil 2014 was a collective football orgasm. It’s just hard to get truly motivated to cheer on a team you don’t really have an emotional connection with.

And emotions are something Arsenal do really well, perhaps more so than any other club in England. They can fill you full of hope and then whip it away from you like some sort of extra-evil Willy Wonka. They dominate and disintegrate and you never quite know what you’re going to get – like a box of chocolates without the picture guide. They can lift you up with the signing of an Alexis Sanchez and then leave you swinging on deadline day for so long that you’re grateful when the club signs a Manchester United reject.

I shouldn’t really say that about the Welbz [that’s what we’re calling him now, right?] and I do actually think that he’ll be a really great addition to the Arsenal front line. I was just being facetious as I try and think of something to write about the absolute nothingness that is the international break.

But there is nothing, so I’ll just leave it there for now.

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