Can Pardew Survive The Hate-Filled Mob?

New season and new players but same manager - and so, the chants of 'Pardew Out' grow louder week after week. Three games into the 2014/15 campaign and it already looks like Alan Pardew's days are numbered - will Mike Ashley give into the hate-filled mob? I hope not.

Can Pardew Survive The Hate-Filled Mob?

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September 10th, 2014

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The one thing I’ve noticed about Newcastle fans in general is that the masses rarely forgive and forget. It is the hardest thing to let go of the past and give players, managers and owners another chance. In Pardew’s case, he has probably had one chance too many (some would say), yet I think he deserves one more.

Towards the end of last season I admitted what many fans wanted me to – that Pardew is a poor manager and needs to go. The stats at the time were shocking, and putting aside the departure of our best player, Yohan Cabaye, and injury to top scorer Loic Remy, I put my neck out and said Ashley must sack the former West Ham boss at the end of the season. We finished tenth, there was an inquest at the club and Ashley backed the manager for somehow scrambling to a 10th-placed finish.

The day Newcastle confirmed Pardew would be staying on as manager was the day I tweeted that the fans should now back him and hope for a good transfer window. The time to sack him had gone, the decision (rightly or wrongly) had been made and the protests would fall on deaf ears.

Fast forward four months. A little bit of financial backing from Ashley has resulted in nine new signings. The squad looks healthier and full of quality on paper, even if the new players lack Premier League experience. The fans who couldn’t let go, however, haven’t let go. They boo Pardew on the touchline, abuse him on social media and forums, create banners, and even make websites highlighting his shortcomings. There have even been death threats, which is completely unacceptable. Pardew’s position has pretty much become untenable and the fans are quick to remind him every time he experiments with what is a new set of players. I find the abuse from some quarters all too ‘last season’.

Pardew probably isn’t good enough, but how does sacking him after three games make any sense when he has been financially backed and handed a new set of players? The man sucking the life out of Newcastle isn’t Pardew, it’s Ashley. Sacking Pardew won’t achieve anything, finding a buyer and getting rid of Ashley will. That was and still needs to be the goal, surely.

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a story in the Independent saying Pardew has two games to save his job, a story in the Telegraph carrying claims that Ashley resisted the urge to sack Pardew three times last season, and a poll in the Newcastle Chronicle in which 85% of the voters said they don’t want him as manager. The gaffer will probably be sacked soon, and when he does it will most likely be at the wrong time, throwing the club into a deeper crisis. Be careful what you wish for, Toon fans.


Howay the lads!

Umar Farooq, Editor –

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Posted by Paul on

So let me get this right…

“Pardew is a poor manager and needs to go.”
“He’s probably already had one chance too many.”
“Pardew probably isn’t good enough.”

….but you want give him another chance?


Posted by Jon Jonsson on

You hope not??? thats were i stopped and moved on….
Pardew is useless!

Posted by Daz on

Death threats? For crying out loud man

Posted by John on

Well written but devoid of any actual reason to keep Pardew. If he’s not good enough, as you say, the best time to get rid is at the earliest opportunity, aka now.

He’s been backed with a new squad but the problems from last season persist and that’s why he has to go. No point throwing investment at a bloke who can’t coach a team.

Posted by Dimston Sabavic on

“Be careful what you wish for Toon fans”? Oh aye? Are you a Newcastle fan yourself? It really doesn’t sound like it. You seem to have a condescending attitude towards the fans who are fed up of poor result after poor result. Fed up of poor excuse after poor excuse from an undignified, dishonest and unprofessional “manager” who has besmirched the good name of NUFC.

Why don’t you ask fans of his previous clubs what they think of him?

Do us all a favour and stop writing about NUFC, as you seem to know very little about “them”.

Posted by Danny Thunder on

“In Pardew’s case, he has probably had one chance too many (some would say), yet I think he deserves one more.”



Posted by andrew on

I believe it’s time for him to go he is a mid table manager at best but Ashley needs to go also I love my club but do believe Newcastle fans cause alot of the trouble also maybe if they actually got behind any manager who has been or will come then the outcome would be different do you honestly believe all the negativity helps the players ?? If you do then ya out your mind we all need to get behind the manager or new manager parjew has to do what Ashley says and that bloke does not have a clue, but because of the fans power and at times hatred who would take the job a couple of losses and the crowd would be on the new managers back they can’t win we are never going to win every game and with all the negativity that has to effect the players when all they hear on the park are boos what’s to say they don’t think it’s directed at them no wonder players want to leave or not play Newcastle fans need to have a look at themselves in all this we are no man city or arsenal but there fans are always seem to be behind the club even during bad spells come on lads and lasses get behind the team and roar them on for 90 mins not 75 mins of booing ash and pards coz it’s not working he is in no rush to leave

Posted by Ian mac on

Thanks mrs pardew

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