Bring on next season

When the season had ended I asked people on my website how they would sum up the season in two words and the one word that kept popping up was 'promise'.

Bring on next season

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May 23rd, 2013

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Villa have battled with relegation for the last 2-3 seasons since Martin O’Neill jumped ship for whatever reason, and we have seen Alex McLeish and Gerrard Houllier both have a pop and try to stamp their own authority on an ageing overpaid squad, but neither of them have made quite the impact that current manager Paul Lambert has.

Lambert insisted when he came in that it would be a ‘transitional’ period in which we would see some real lows, mixed with some highs – but more importantly, providing we as fans stuck with both him and the players, we would be OK moving forward.

For some Villa fans it was hard to buy into the concept of buying young unknown players and pushing out the more experienced players, and we have seen some real lows this season including the 8-0 drumming at the hands of Europa League winners Chelsea.

With those lows came the highs as Paul Lambert promised with the 6-1 hammering of fellow relegation battlers Sunderland and the ultimate one – Premiership survival.

Villa fans saw their heroes go on a pretty impressive run from February, picking up 21 points from 17 games and secure their top flight status for the 22nd year.

We would be foolish to brush the negatives of this season under the carpet but many are starting to believe the positives coming out of the club from B6 are once again outweighing the negatives.

Players not only want to play for the manager, but they want to play for Aston Villa Football Club again. They want to be part of the new Aston Villa vision and most fans have bought into this.

We have promising young players who have shown they can cut it with the best in the country and they will only get better.

It is nice to finally be able to look forward instead of constantly looking over our shoulder. We are not quite out of this transitional period that Paul Lambert described – but we are well and truly on our way.

Bring on next season!

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