Boring boring Villa

Growing up in Birmingham the majority of my friends either supported Aston Villa or that other team across the city, but like all cities we had our fair share of what we like to call 'glory hunters'.

Boring boring Villa

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December 13th, 2013

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You know the type – those that support the club because they are successful, and then change their alliance if another club is more successful the following season.

I know what you are thinking: “What has this got to do with the title of ‘Boring boring Villa’?”. Well bear with me and I will tell you!

One of these ‘glory hunters’ happened to support Chelsea and he used to try his hardest to convince everyone that all his family are Chelsea supporters (even though his brother and sister would say otherwise) but one thing he said to me which has always stuck with me was ‘Boring boring Villa’.

He went on to explain that his dad always refers to Villa in that way because of the style of football they played at the time. Of course, being a diehard Villa supporter I defended the way we played and looked at ways to label Chelsea.

This brings me onto the actual point of this article – the quality of football currently being played under Paul Lambert. There is no other way of describing it than boring! If that Chelsea supporter was to walk up to me right now and say the same thing he used to say, it would be very hard to argue with him.

Yes, we have had a decent start to the season – including some impressive (or lucky) victories over Manchester City, Arsenal and Southampton – however, win, lose or draw the football is dreadful to watch.

I recently started a topic on my message board asking fellow supporters whether they would prefer ‘sexy football’ or a ‘win at all costs’ style and the majority seem to be in agreement with me.

They want to find that right balance in which we can play some good enjoyable football like we did at the back end of last season under Lambert, but be able to dig deep and win ugly should we need to.

I am not some deluded football fan and I know we are currently a mid-table Premiership side, but for the fans to stick with both the manager and the players it is vital that we are entertained.

The atmosphere at Villa Park is awful at the moment and I agree that a football ground needs the fans to act as a 12th man but it works both ways. If the football on display is boring to watch it is hard to motivate yourself as a football supporter.

I have slated the style of football Stoke City have played for a number of years and questioned fans if they enjoyed watching that type of football, but now it seems that we are playing that style.

I’m not saying I want Paul Lambert sacked but I think he needs to find that balance and quickly because a lot of fans are starting to question where exactly Aston Villa Football Club are going.

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