Albion must back a strong manager to rebuild troubled side

A new day seems to bring a new favourite for the Albion hot seat. The range in age and experience is huge, from veterans to people without any managerial experience, yet all have one thing in common, they are all very much in the ‘head coach’ mould. This is not what is required.

Albion must back a strong manager to rebuild troubled side

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May 30th, 2014

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Jeremy Peace has been talking a good game recently in taking responsibility for the mistakes made, promising that lessons have been learned, and assuring the fans that we will not see a repeat of last year’s issues. If only the names being linked with the managerial position supported this.

When Roy Hodgson came in we had a talented squad that had lost its way. We needed a coach, exactly like Hodgson. He quickly sorted things out, leaving Steve Clarke to continue in a coaching role. The job faced by the new man is not one that good coaching alone can succeed in though. This is now a rebuilding job.

At the very least Albion needs four full backs, a new winger and at least one forward. It is all very well moving in the transfer market early, but should the players acquired not match the new manager’s thinking then it is a dangerous waste of our resources. Craig Gardner is a utility player that was unfavoured in a very poor Sunderland side. It would not surprise me if our new boss looks at our team and feels those wages could have been put to better use on filling positions in which we are desperately short.

If there is one lesson that should have been learned by the appointment of Pepe Mel, it is that a manager with one style cannot be expected to succeed without the players to play in that way.

Before making further additions we therefore need a strong hand to instruct the board how they want to play and who they want to play for them. There is a lot that needs to be done this summer, but just because Albion are making quick decisions regarding the team, it does not mean they are correct. We need a manager to rebuild and lead, not rely on a faceless behind-the-scenes operation with a very mixed recent scouting record. If Peace shows a willingness to support such an appointment, then fans truly can believe that lessons have been learned.

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