Will Real Madrid offer £85million for Gareth Bale?

Tottenham have stated their determination to keep hold of Gareth Bale this summer, although will they be able to resist a massive offer for the Welshman?

Will Real Madrid offer £85million for Gareth Bale?

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June 11th, 2013

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Real Madrid have previously shown their determination to land key targets such as Cristiano Ronaldo and the president of the club has admitted that the Spanish giants would have no reservations about paying big bucks for a player that lit up the Premier League last season.

Florentino Perez seems willing to sanction a world record £85million for Bale, claiming that a star such as the Tottenham winger would pay for himself despite the astronomical fee.

“Madrid always want the best. Tottenham is a very amicable club, but first we must see who our new coach will be and after that we will begin to arrange our new squad,” he told Marca.

“I think the same as if we were to have a tennis team and Rafael Nadal asked me for these millions. For players like this – the investment they generate you and the revenue they produce, you can give everything to try and get them.

“I demonstrated in 2000 that with players like this you can change the dynamic, going from losing to winning.

“Then you have to look carefully at the player involved. We are not going to talk too much about Bale because he plays at a very amicable club and they will be annoyed by too much talk about him I know their chairman well and he doesn’t like things like that.

“But I repeat, we have a long list, but there will be one particular player, of course.”

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