Will Manchester City fans stop booing Champions League anthem?

Pep Guardiola calls for City fans to stop their Champions League protest, but will his plea fall on deaf ears?

Will Manchester City fans stop booing Champions League anthem?

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September 15th, 2016

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Manchester City are among the favourites to win this season’s Champions League although a group of their supporters don’t particularly like Uefa and have been jeering the anthem that is played before every match.

Indeed, Uefa were poised to take action against the English club last season after concerted booing at every home game, although that has now been dropped and the fans have continued their protest.

The Manchester City supporters have several issues with Uefa, not least the fact that several of their players have been subjected to racial abuse over the past few years, with opposition clubs handed meagre punishment as a consequence.

In 2012, Mario Balotelli was called out for being black by Porto fans, with the Portuguese club being fined less than Manchester City were weeks later for arriving out of the tunnel late for a clash against Sporting Lisbon.

The introduction of Financial Fair Play has also been a contentious issue and many City fans feel this has been a direct attempt to halt the club’s aims and targets.

In 2014, the north-west club were deemed to have broken the FFP rules, with a fine of £49 million incoming as well as a restriction as far as the squad was concerned.

More recently, a behind-closed-doors clash with CSKA Moscow took place after racist chanting from some Russian fans although many home supporters were then allowed to attend the game.

Pep Guardiola has now made an attempt to bury the hatchet, asking the City fans to move forward and relent from booing the Uefa anthem.

The Spaniard said: “I was not here for what happened but they must forget what happened in the past. We have to be so proud to play in this competition. I am going to work until the last moment to convince the people to come here to join us to see the Champions League games. Our players deserve the stadium completely full and hopefully against Barcelona and Celtic it is going to happen.”

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