Will Arsenal supporters show respect to RVP on Sunday?

Robin van Persie was an Arsenal player for eight seasons although the Dutchman is likely to receive a fierce reception on Sunday when he returns to the Emirates Stadium as a Manchester United player.

Will Arsenal supporters show respect to RVP on Sunday?

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April 26th, 2013

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It has been confirmed that the Arsenal team will form a guard of honour for the newly-crowned champions ahead of the Premier League encounter, although Van Persie isn’t likely to receive applause from the home crowd after leaving for Old Trafford last summer.

Sir Alex Ferguson thinks it’s a shame that RVP won’t receive much respect from the Arsenal supporters, although has urged his player to ignore the boos that come his way.

“I don’t bother about it, and I don’t think Robin should bother about it either,” said Ferguson.

“There was a bit of booing when he played at Old Trafford and I expect a portion of fans will do that.

“That is the modern generation I am afraid.

“For Arsenal to have one of their players go to their biggest rivals of the last 20 years doesn’t sit well with their fans, nor Arsene for that matter,” said Ferguson.

“But it does happen. You just have to move on. Arsenal have moved on now. They are challenging for a Champions League place and have every chance of getting one.

“What it meant to Robin showed in his celebrations, not just after he had scored the goals but at the end of the match.”We had a few players who were winning it for the first time but he was celebrating better than the others.”

Ferguson also admitted he was pleased that Arsene Wenger has decided the Gunners will pay their respects, with United having done the same when Arsenal won the title at Old Trafford in 2002.

“I am glad Arsene has done that, when they came to Old Trafford in 2002 and Sylvain Wiltord scored the only goal, we did exactly the same,” he said.

“That is what great clubs should do.”

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