Wayne Rooney reveals why he wanted to leave Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to play Wayne Rooney in midfield caused the forward to see a move away from Old Trafford towards the end of last season.

Wayne Rooney reveals why he wanted to leave Manchester United

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October 10th, 2013

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Rooney is currently on England duty where he hopes to steer the Three Lions to the 2014 World Cup and has revealed why he asked to leave Old Trafford a few months ago, although now reports that he’s much happier at the club.

Ferguson’s decision to field Rooney in midfield was clearly a cause of consternation for the player, who resented playing second fiddle to Robin van Persie rather than alongside the striker.

“I actually felt when I played in midfield I did OK, but I didn’t want to play there. I’ve had no problem in the past playing out of position. But I felt I deserved the right to play in my position and that wasn’t happening.

“I think, naturally, I was a bit disappointed and maybe that affected some of the games I played. I know myself that last year wasn’t my best season but there were times when I was playing in different positions. I didn’t feel I got a consistent run of games up front. Sometimes when you’re not playing in one position all the time it’s difficult to adapt.”

Rooney has confessed that he’s enjoying life under Moyes due to the fact that he’s been played further up the field, suggesting the change of United manager has effectively kept the England man at the club.

“David Moyes has come in, he’s playing me up front and I’m enjoying it,” Rooney continued. “I’m not saying I wouldn’t [go into midfield] for instance if it was the last 10 to 15 minutes of a game, if we were holding on a bit and I got asked to drop to the left, or drop back, to help see out the game. I’d always go in and try to help the team. I’m not saying I’d throw my arms up and not do it. I can play in midfield. Maybe when I’m a bit older, losing my legs a bit, I can go back there.”

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