Rangers seeking exile in England?

Scottish Football is currently in a bit of a pickle. Not content with being something of a joke as it was, the whole Rangers saga is putting the SPL on a par with Billy Smart’s Circus.

Rangers seeking exile in England?

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June 21st, 2012

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Depending on which paper you read, the whole sorry state of Rangers Football Club (or ‘Club 12’, as they are currently known on the fixture list) should be decided in the coming weeks, with one of three outcomes in the news.

The first option is that the SPL clubs tell Rangers where to go, that they should have paid their tax bill like anybody else and that they should start way down in the Scottish Third Division.

Option two is that turkeys don’t vote for Christmas and, realising that the TV contract and marketability of the SPL revolves around two clubs, the SPL clubs vote for Rangers to come back into the SPL. Expect various strings to be attached to that however.

Those strings could immediately see Rangers dropped to Division One, on the proviso that the NewCo accepts responsibility for the misdemeanours of the old one. Issues such as fairer financial distribution and the reinstatement of the promotion/relegation play-off will also be on the agenda. To appease the television gods of Sky, the Glasgow Cup may also be reinstated.

The third option has cropped up in a couple of tabloids today and it involves Rangers’ new owners buying their way into the English football league structure.

It’s all very speculative at the moment, but Charles Green is reportedly looking into buying up an English League Club (reported to be Bury) and moving them MK Dons-style to Glasgow. If the plan goes through, then ‘Rangers’ could face Brentford in Glasgow on August 18.

Of course, we don’t automatically believe what we read in The Sun but we’ll go on record as saying “down with this sort of thing”.

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