Manchester United manager wants three more years at Old Trafford

Happy birthday to Sir Alex Ferguson, who has now reached the age of 70 and continues to go strong as manager of Manchester United.

Manchester United manager wants three more years at Old Trafford

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December 31st, 2011

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The Scot has been the club’s most successful manager and he isn’t quite ready to step down, claiming that he has three more years left of taking charge and attempting to lead the team to more glory.

He told MUTV: “I think I’ve got three years at the club,” he said. “As long as my health stays up, and as long as I’m still enjoying it and still getting the satisfaction of the team doing its best.

“We have defeats but compared to what we have achieved, they are minuscule.

“This time it is a milestone birthday and I suppose inevitably, Manchester United supporters are going to ask if a man of 70 is up to managing this great club,” he told United Review.

“As someone who loves his job I am not about to let my years alone dictate my future. At my age health becomes the key issue for a man’s work and I am happy to say I have been blessed with stamina and energy that sees me coping with what I admit is a very demanding job.

“We have to continue the dominance of winning leagues and, without question, winning a European Cup is important at this club.

“We should have been in at least another three finals. But you can’t be greedy, I suppose, and having won two in my time is an achievement. They were special, it was terrific to win them. I think I’d be very keen to do that (again).”

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