Joey Barton slates Neil Warnock ahead of QPR v Wigan match

Queens Park Rangers have failed to win a Premier League match since November, although they have a perfect chance to set the record straight on Saturday when they entertain Wigan in a relegation six-pointer.

Joey Barton slates Neil Warnock ahead of QPR v Wigan match

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January 20th, 2012

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Talking of setting the record straight, Neil Warnock and Joey Barton have both spoken out today regarding the former’s sacking at Loftus Road.

Warnock claimed in an interview with the BBC that QPR owner Tony Fernandes had been ‘slowly poisoned’ against him, claiming that Twitter was partly to blame for the manager being deposed from his position.

He said: “It would have been difficult to resist because people get on the phone and tweet and it’s almost like slowly poisoning somebody from outside the club and, no doubt, from within the club as well.

“It’s a dangerous precedent. If you let players talk to the chairman but, you know, you can’t stop tweeting.”

Joey Barton was thought to be the person being referenced and the Rangers captain took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to criticise Warnock and claim that this is the first match for a while where the QPR squad are properly organised.

He wrote: “Neil Warnock saying I talk to much. Now that is funny. Lost his job and the guy is blaming everyone but himself! Embarrassing, time to look in the mirror mate. Last thing we need right. Big week.

“If I talked about Neil, he’d do well to get another job. Twitter cost his his job???? I can think of a million other things! £shutitwarnock.

“Looking forward to the game against Wigan tomo. 1st time in a while we actually have a plan and seem organised. £3ptsneeded.”

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