Tottenham captain fooled into thinking Spurs had made Champions League

Michael Dawson cut a disappointed figure after his team’s 1-0 win against Sunderland, with the Spurs skipper having had his hopes raised by false information regarding the Newcastle v Arsenal game.

Tottenham captain fooled into thinking Spurs had made Champions League

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May 19th, 2013

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The Gunners took a 1-0 lead at St James’ Park although word spread that the Magpies had scored an equaliser, a result which would have seen Tottenham qualify for the Champions League instead.

However, despite Gareth Bale’s late strike to beat Sunderland, it soon transpired that Arsenal had shut out Newcastle until the final whistle and Dawson was left disappointed by the fact that sections of the crowd had been celebrating.

He told Sky Sports: “Yeah, I thought that was it (Spurs were in top four) because of the (earlier) celebrations around the ground from our fans.

“I didn’t hear anything else, then towards the end after Gaz scored I sort of picked things up that the fans weren’t as lively as we would’ve liked if we’d been in the top four, and you sort of got that feeling towards the end of the game.”

Andre Villas-Boas admitted that Tottenham need to improve next season in order to claim a top-four finish, although some might cite the manager’s decision to take the Europa League seriously as a reason why his team missed out.

“To manage so many points and not make it means the level has come up, and it serves a reference for next season.

“Others have pushed on a level and next year we have to improve, so it is a good lesson to take into next season.

“It is a pity we missed it this season, because normally it would be enough to qualify.”

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