The Premier League Big Money Machine

This week, FIFA published The Global Transfer Market 2014 which reveals the amount of money spent on international transfers by each member nation. I bet you a billion dollars you can’t guess which league spent the most on overseas talent.

The Premier League Big Money Machine

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January 29th, 2014

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Top of the big-spending tree was, of course, the English Premier League, which for the first time last year broke the $1bn mark (£660 million) in foreign transfer fees. The report, which only takes into account the players which transcended borders, also states that Brazil is the country which supplied the most players to other nations; with 1558 footballers going abroad to ply their trade.

In second place behind England came Italy, with £286m punted on foreign players, while Spain and Germany each spent less than £200m – especially interesting in the latter case of £144 million spent. The Premier League’s astronomical spend also includes the £50 million that went into agents’ pockets for negotiating these deals.

Some 90% of the 12,000 international transfers made during 2013 were free deals with no money changing hands, meaning that the remaining 10% – 1200 if my B at GCSE Maths still holds strong – were done for cash. And the amounts bandied about in the headline portion of this report suggest some real monetary might was displayed by the likes of Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea.

And if my GCSE in Logic also has some legs (grade Q2 because that’s logical) then one can easily surmise that the biggest spenders in England have paid for the most players from abroad, while the clubs from Spain and Germany were more focused on transfers on a more local level; these same two countries who between them contributed six of the last ten Champions League finalists and one of whom are the defending World and European champions?

Now that, readers, says a lot. Money talks.

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