Surviving Transfer Deadline Day

With approximately 30 hours to go before the transfer window closes, fans are beginning to show the first signs of panic – keeping everything crossed that they won’t be hit with a late bid for their team’s star player.

Surviving Transfer Deadline Day

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January 30th, 2013

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“Just get through today,” you’ll whisper to yourselves at your desks tomorrow afternoon. “Just get through today.” Your boss might quite reasonably worry that you’re suffering from the stress of the job, but your PC’s desktop wallpaper will reveal to him or her what’s the real reason for your workday from hell; your shrine to a rumoured want-away striker. (He writes, protectively clutching a photograph of Luciano Becchio.)

Research shows* (*it doesn’t) that the absolute peak in annual demand for computer keyboards is in the beginning of February. The reason; desperate fans hitting refresh on their web browsers, forum posts and Twitter feeds the night before, stretching the F5 key to its limit as they try to ascertain just how quickly a bid can land on a manager’s desk – in crude handwriting taken down by a panicky co-worker.

Forget Blue Monday – that was so last week. Truly the worst time of year to be a 9-to-5er is Transfer Deadline Day; you awake with a start, realising that a single 24-hour period is what will potentially make or break your season. One phone call and your lot could land the deal of the decade; one false move and you’ve lost your best man to a better contract and a seat on the utmost comfort of a Premier League bench.

The rumours don’t do anyone any favours, either; those scandalous, almost vindictive bursts of third-hand information and general scuttlebutt. Tomorrow you’ll be hearing a lot from the friend of an uncle of an employee of a bloke who lives across from the boot boy – and trust me when I say this: that boot boy never took a phone call for Arsene Wenger.

So, friends, however you choose to survive Transfer Deadline Day, just try to remember that at the end of the day…Harry Redknapp hasn’t gone to bed yet.

Tune in tomorrow for our Football Scores Transfer Deadline Day Special; we can’t promise you Jim White…or can we???

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