Sir Alex Ferguson claims foreign players more likely to dive

It’s nothing new to see Premier League players flinging themselves to the floor in the penalty area, with Ashley Young a notable example of someone who won a spot kick thanks to theatrics against Queens Park Rangers last season.

Sir Alex Ferguson claims foreign players more likely to dive

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October 1st, 2012

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Luis Suarez appears to have earned a reputation for play-acting which has seen him denied two clear penalties in consecutive games against Manchester United and Norwich City, with fellow south American Sergio Aguero claiming that officials favour the ‘home’ players when it comes to decision-making.

However, Sir Alex Ferguson today stated that the foreigners are the worst culprits for diving, with the United manager conveniently ignoring Young’s blatant cheating last season with his comments.

He said: “It’s not worth going into that subject because down the years there have been plenty of players diving, and you have to say particularly foreign players.

“There were quite a few [penalty claims],” he said. “I think the one in the first half was a clear penalty kick, but maybe Nani made a meal of it and he didn’t need to do that. He was clearly pulled back.”

Yesterday Ferguson added: “Nani is not the type to dive, I know that. It was a penalty kick on Saturday. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t. The linesman could have helped him but didn’t.”

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