The SPFL will unite Scottish football

The two league governing bodies of Scottish football have today voted yes to measures which will effectively reunite them after 15 years.

The SPFL will unite Scottish football

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June 12th, 2013

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Starting next season the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) will govern all four levels of the professional game, following the breakaway by senior Scottish clubs to form the Scottish Premier League in 1998.

With the formation of the Lowland League this week, more clubs will hopefully have the opportunity to compete for places in the SPFL thanks to the potential restructuring of the Scottish football pyramid which, along with the talks calling for more equal remuneration between SPFL teams which featured so strongly in the vote, could level the playing field somewhat.

One interesting summation of the rebranding is the opinion given by third-division Annan Athletic chairman Henry McLelland to the Scotland on Sunday newspaper, in which he laments the true nature of the merger:

“The perception was that the SPFL would be a new body formed from the coming together of the 12 clubs in the Scottish Premier League and the 30 clubs in the Scottish Football League, and represent a fresh start. That is not the case. It would be incorporated into the SPL and have the same registration number. In business terms, it would be the SPL with a new name.”

Chairman of Airdrie and SFL president Jim Ballantyne shares similar concerns:

“We are joining their company, their organisation…They have swallowed us up. We could use nice words about it, but it is a takeover.”

No matter what happens, it seems that there will always be detractors of whatever system is proposed to try and change the way Scottish football is set up.

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