The new-look SPFL: no website, no originality

Without even the benefit of having a fully-fledged joint website from which we could pilfer their new logo, it seems that the Scottish Professional Football League is putting the branded cart before the horse that is actual football competition.

The new-look SPFL: no website, no originality

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July 24th, 2013

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Mixed metaphors aside, the all-new SPFL logo and precious little else puts this writer in mind of his first high school rock band. The t-shirt designs were done, the official Geocities page was up and running and the first three albums had already been named and tracklisted – all before the band met up in the practice room for the first time (minus the lead guitarist for the first hour, whose mum didn’t finish work in time to give him a lift there).

As the newly-merged organisations fought to decide whose letters went where in the new acronym, perhaps better care should have been taken in implementing a league structure title that doesn’t needlessly take after the English model.

Down here in our confusing world of league pyramids, the four-tier Football League divvied up into their respective Divisions until 1992 when, lured away by the promise of TV money, champions Leeds joined the rest of the top flight in breaking away and forming the Premier League. Left with an overall weaker league system, the Football League nonetheless attempted to save face by renaming their former Division Two as Division One; thus retaining the same comparative semblance of quality. This was pushed even further in 2004 by renaming it The Championship; still the highest division of the Football League and thus deserving of such a name.

Not so with what remained in Scotland after the SPL breakaway in 1998 when the Scottish Football League’s First Division retained its name. But now – and only now – that the two have patched up their differences and got their letters in the right order to merge again as the SPFL, only now will the second division be referred to as the Championship, although it is no longer required to establish its own credentials as the top of its own pyramid – BECAUSE IT ISN’T.

To the SPFL, we ask two things. Firstly, sort the names out, and secondly, sort a decent website out. Sadly, Geocities is no longer an option.

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