The ayes won’t have it: Scotland’s league shake-up provisionally rejected

The proposed merger between the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League has been dealt a blow this week with the intent to defeat a proposed vote.

The ayes won’t have it: Scotland’s league shake-up provisionally rejected

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April 8th, 2013

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While more lenient in the lower leagues, any vote to change the structure of SPL-related matters requires a majority of eleven to one; and with the declaration of two top-flight teams that they intend to vote no on the proposals, it appears that the current plans will be derailed before even getting off the ground.

Representatives of St Mirren and Ross County have both declared their intentions ahead of next Monday’s vote, with a statement from the former further outlining their objections.

“[T]he Board of St Mirren Football Club have decided that they will be unable to support the motion at next Monday’s Meeting of SPL Clubs regarding this proposal for League Reconstruction,” read the statement, which went on to criticise the uncertainty that a season ticket fan would experience as to knowing who their future opponents would be by the time of the three-way split among the top two divisions at the halfway point of the season.

“The concept of playing 22 games prior to breaking into three leagues of eight, including the middle eight losing their points gained in the first series of games, is not a system we see as taking the game forward in the long term. You will be aware that other countries have tried this system and have since rejected such a set up.

“We also feel that this system is not fair to fans who buy into their club by way of a season ticket, who are then unsure of what they are purchasing. It is also against the basic wishes of the fans for larger leagues as highlighted in all recent fan surveys.”

The vote will go ahead as scheduled next Monday, although it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear of more vocal opposition before then.

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