Strange goings on in the Edinburgh Derby

There at Football Scores, we’ve often poked a little friendly mocking towards Scottish football. It’s not that they don’t try hard; it’s just that despite their efforts, they can’t come up with anything resembling a watchable standard of football. However, this week’s Edinburgh Derby might have changed that a bit.

Strange goings on in the Edinburgh Derby

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January 3rd, 2012

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Was it because of the exciting action on the field? Was it because of Marius Zaliukas’ hilarious own goal, just seconds after his side has gone in front? Perhaps it was Rudi Skacel’s late clincher? Nope, what caught our attention at Easter Road was the abundance of paranormal activity that occurred during the game.

Don’t believe us? Check out exhibit A: the presence of Storm Troopers in the Hearts end as the Jambos hit the winner:

If that doesn’t convince you of some extra-terrestrial goings on in Scottish football, check out this Hearts player with an alien blue tongue. How do you get a blue tongue during a football match?

Feel free to report any more strange sightings or inexplicable goings on at football grounds.

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