SPL to Rangers: Access Denied

The new football club to emerge from the former Glasgow Rangers will not be allowed to play in the Scottish Premier League next season.

SPL to Rangers: Access Denied

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July 4th, 2012

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A vote taken by chairmen of the other member clubs of the SPL has, according to a league spokesperson, “overwhelmingly [rejected] the application from Rangers newco to join the SPL.” Eight of the remaining eleven clubs had already gone public with their intentions to vote against the transfer; Rangers would have continued on in the SPL with half as many objections.

And the bad news doesn’t end there. Initial proposals for the newco to begin life in the second tier have already met with opposition from ten SFL clubs, with Partick Thistle the latest to speak up. New owner Charles Green has spoken of his deep disappointment about the vote, and has stated his intentions to apply to the SFL despite the early objections.

Some players have already moved on from the ongoing saga, with striker Steven Naismith signing on the dotted line for Everton despite Green’s threat of legal action against any player who chose not to transfer their contracts drawn up with the original side to the new company. Given that all contracts between employee and employer should be declared null and void following the liquidation of the employer, Naismith decided not to look back and signed with a different set of Blues.

Now the focus is on who will replace Rangers in the SPL as the mysterious Club 12. Dundee will not be voting next week regarding the final destination of the doomed Glasgow club, as it would conflict with their hopes of being promoted. Talk currently exists of a play-off game between Dundee (Second place in Division One) and Dunfermline (relegated from the SPL) to decide who will take the place. However, fans have already called into question the protests of Dundee to decide to avoid voting on Rangers; as their second spell in administration in seven years ended only 18 months ago, some might see it as “a bit rich”.

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