Scottish shake-up – ‘Gers want “a workable way forward”

Back again to Ibrox, and more reaction to the proposed merger of Scotland’s governing bodies of the beautiful game.

Scottish shake-up – ‘Gers want “a workable way forward”

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January 14th, 2013

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New proposals seen by BBC Scotland purport to rejig the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League into one organisation, following the initial breakaway in 1998 by the top ten sides in the Scottish Premier Division.

Ahead of a meeting later this month, at which member clubs of the SPL and SFL will vote on the new plan – including details of a relaxation on stadium standards which would allow grounds with near-enough adequate pitch preparation to play in the SPL – Rangers chief exec Charles Green has once again cast aspersions on the shake-up.

A statement on the Rangers website read: “The recent widespread debate on the reconstruction of Scottish football has been welcome and I am glad that Ally McCoist and myself have contributed and helped stimulate discussion rather than watch everyone sleepwalk into a solution that very few, if any, football fans across Scotland want.”

As the expected winners of this season’s Third Division, were plans to adopt a 12-12-18 system to go ahead Rangers would still find themselves on the bottom rung of the Scottish league ladder – but Green insists that this has no bearing on his opinion.

“…further consideration should be given to a 14-14-14 model, which can be constructed in a way that ensures there is no loss of games but will deliver greater competition through the leagues, particularly with the implementation of play-offs.”

The planned reorganisation would result in the top two twelves being split into three eights, within which competition would continue for matches to determine the league titles and European places, as well as which teams would be promoted to and relegated from their current divisions.

The vote is expected to happen later this month; interestingly – and given their mere associate membership of the SFL – Rangers does not have a vote.

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