Roy Keane brands Jose Mourinho “disgraceful” after handshake offer

Mourinho’s attempt to shake hands before the final whistle irked Keane and Paul Lambert

Roy Keane brands Jose Mourinho “disgraceful” after handshake offer

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October 10th, 2014

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Roy Keane is firing ammunition all over the shop this week thanks to the launch of his autobiography and it appears that nobody is safe from his criticism.

Keane is assistant manager at Aston Villa and appears to have taken massive offence from Jose Mourinho during a recent match at Stamford Bridge when the Portuguese attempted to shake his hand before the final whistle.

With Chelsea leading the game 3-0, Mourinho was heading towards the tunnel when he walked over to the visitors’ dug-out and offered his hand to Paul Lambert and Keane, with neither willing to shake before the match had ended.

“The game is still going on,” Keane said. “You wouldn’t do that on a Sunday morning, you would get knocked out.

“I don’t mind all that [mind games] but the game is still going on. It’s disgraceful. I’ve seen him doing it to other managers; it is a disgrace.”

Asked whether it was arrogant and disrespectful, Keane replied: “What do you think? That’s a stupid question.”

Keane used a press conference to also continue his criticism of Sir Alex Ferguson, claiming that the knight had been ridiculous to criticise several figures that helped his achieve grate success as Manchester United manager.

“He was never critical when we were winning trophies and he was getting his new contracts, getting this and that named after him – Sir this, and whatever else. He made millions of pounds out of it. He got his statues. He got his stand named after him. To criticise people who brought him success was just ridiculous.”

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