Roy Hodgson tipping England to perform well at 2014 World Cup

England will find out their World Cup group fate on Friday, with their manager confident that the Three Lions can produce an impressive showing.

Roy Hodgson tipping England to perform well at 2014 World Cup

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December 6th, 2013

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Roy Hodgson said that he would put a speculative £10 bet on England winning in Brazil, with the coach revealing plans to make sure that his team would have the best possible chance in South America thanks to working with performance experts such as Lord Coe and Dave Reddin.

When asked if he would put his hypothetical tenner on Brazil to win their sixth World Cup title. “No – I’d put it on England,” he replied. “I’d have a chance of losing it on Brazil, so why not put it on the team I want to win it?”

Hodgson will hope that the draw is favourable to England, who could potentially be included with Brazil, Mexico and Holland, although the flip side of the coin is a group which includes Switzerland and Algeria, with the manager looking forward to seeing which way the balls come out.

“We are here, we are part of it, that’s a great feeling and the draw will be exciting. Like all draws we hope we get one we like the look of, but you take what you get, that’s the most important thing.”

Hodgson has hinted that there will be plenty of young players in the squad given the fact that three matches will be played in a short space of time, with the England manager keeping an open mind when it comes to team selection.

“One of the things you have to think about in Brazil, from Porto Alegre all the way up to Manaus, is the fact that three games in nine or 10 days is going to be very tough for any team, let alone a European team,” he said. “Will we have enough legs, will we have enough running power, will we have enough endurance, will we have enough youth?”

“We’re not one-dimensional in any way. There are options. I think the emergence of these younger players with slightly different skills to what we had in the past gives us different options,” he said, praising the emergence of a side with pace and “counter-attacking threat”.

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