Roy Hodgson defends another mediocre England friendly performance

England manager claims he’s happy with squad ahead of Euro 2016

Roy Hodgson defends another mediocre England friendly performance

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June 3rd, 2016

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England fans don’t feel particularly confident for Euro 2016 after matches against Turkey, Australia and Portugal which have seen the Three Lions win by a single goal each time.

All three performances have seen Roy Hodgson tinker with formation, with a diamond looking the likely route which will see Wayne Rooney feature as the attacking tip despite concerns that this won’t get the best out of Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy.

Nevertheless, Hodgson was at pains to defend his strategy and claims that the performance was there.

“We played with split strikers,” said Hodgson. “If you play with them both through the middle with Rooney central as well you can’t defend the wide areas. There were some moments where you might be right and Kane and Vardy were a little too wide but their job is to split and come together at the right times. If you play with a man in behind them, you have to make sure he has space in which to run.

“I’m not prepared to accept that we didn’t play well. Portugal are ranked higher than us in the Fifa rankings, so there is no reason to be dissatisfied. We looked good, we had composure throughout the game and it would have been better to play against 11.

“I’m very pleased with three wins, we never looked like conceding a goal. I’m not prepared to add my voice to the debate [on the strikers]. We need all of our players playing well, and I’m not prepared to stand here and criticise some players. If I start being dissatisfied with three wins against Australia, Turkey and Portugal I’m going to be a hard coach to satisfy.”

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