Rangers newco could begin life in the second tier…or worse

The re-entry of Rangers into the SFA has hit yet another snag.

Rangers newco could begin life in the second tier…or worse

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June 28th, 2012

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BBC Scotland journalists have been tipped off to plans by the Scottish FA which would see the new Glasgow Rangers drop down a division from where their predecessors are to end their tenure.

Recommendations from the top Scottish football bodies will see the Rangers newco entered into next season’s Scottish Football League Division One; replaced in next season’s SPL by 2011-12 runners-up Dundee.

Assuming that the newco can come back strongly, they’ll have a better chance than ever to quickly regain their Premier League status thanks to plans to overhaul the promotion/relegation system between the two divisions; which would see one team from the SPL entered into a play-off competition with three teams from Division One.

These plans form part of a larger scheme to unify the SPL and SFL as The Scottish Professional Football League in time for the start of the 2013-14 season. Among the benefits for smaller teams – ie those who aren’t Celtic and, until six months ago, Rangers – is the increase of parachute payments for teams relegated from the SPL. It’s hoped that this will even out the playing field in what’s become something of a financial headache for smaller clubs.

If the rumours are to be believed, the SPL team currently known as Club 12 are to be accepted back into the SFA on condition that they waive certain legal rights and accept the fiscal responsibilities which caused their former selves to collapse. The proposal of a vote to allow Rangers back into the Scottish Premier League is to take place in a week; however, the 8-4 majority on a ‘yes’ that they require is already beyond them, according to the clubs which have gone public with their decision to vote no.

A statement by St. Johnstone FC this week said: “It is important that a clear and unambiguous message goes out from the custodians of Scottish football that this sort of scenario should never be allowed to happen again.”

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