Would you pay for a lap dance from Ronaldinho?

Silvio Berlusconi is an interesting sort of chap. The former Italian Prime Minister and current AC Milan owner is no stranger to controversy and the ridiculous, so we really shouldn’t have been as shocked as we were to read some of the revelations from his current trial.

Would you pay for a lap dance from Ronaldinho?

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April 18th, 2012

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Berlusconi is currently in the dock over allegations that one of his infamous “bunga bunga parties” involved an underage prostitute – not the sort of scenario that a former world leader finds themself in at the best of times, but the testimony of one witness proved to be something of an eye-opener.

Model Imane Fadil testified against Berlusconi on Monday, claiming that she was paid €2,000 by the 75-year-old to wear an AC Milan shirt and a rubber Ronaldinho mask while she stripped to her underwear for him.

Yes, we’ll let that one sit with you for a bit. Berlusconi asked for a lap dance from someone wearing the mask of a buck-toothed Brazilian midfielder.

Fadil also claimed that, also during the same night, he saw two young women in nun costumes with “black tunics, white veils and crosses” stripping in front of the then-Prime Minister.

We now expect sales of Ronaldinho masks to start rocketing.


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