Worst Penalties Ever

Five videos of how NOT to take a penalty, to relieve the stress of last night's shootout drama.

Worst Penalties Ever

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June 25th, 2012

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Taking a leaf from the book of Monty Python, this morning we’ll be getting over the pain of last night’s penalty defeat to the Italians by looking on the bright side of life – and thanking our lucky stars that England’s spot-kick attempts didn’t come off this badly:


And a booking for his trouble!



Peter Devine for Lancaster Town v Whitby Town, 1991. At least the poor unfortunate above managed to reach the ball, but better for Mr. Devine to feign injury rather than prove incompetence.



Alessandro Del Piero for Juventus v Aston Villa, Peace Cup 2009. Villa won the 2009 Peace Cup, founded by the head of the Moonies church, partly thanks to this unfortunate kick by Del Piero that would actually have won it for them at that point. Rumours which were frankly made up just now persist that head of the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon, married each opposing member of the two teams during the final.



A nice montage of five bad penalty misses; forgive the quality. Del Piero’s is in there again – so bad, he kicked it twice – but the honours of the day have to go to the number one spot in the chart, a kick so weak that there’s still speculation over whether the kicker had stolen the shirt of an opposing player and simply passed it back to his goalie.


And finally, some wishful thinking: just imagine if Pirlo’s cheeky chipped penalty kick had turned out like one of the other times he tried it – go from about the two-minute mark:


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