Tiger takes on Football Fourballs

When Premier League footballers aren’t on the training pitch or stumbling out of expensive nightclubs, they’re usually found on the golf course – a fact that isn’t lost on games experts Electronic Arts.

Tiger takes on Football Fourballs

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March 22nd, 2012

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A quartet of Premier League talent has shunned the football for golf – in a virtual sense at least – to make an appearance in the Tiger Woods 13 game.

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, Arsenal’s Theo Walcott, Chelsea’s Petr Cech (sans head gear) and Man City’s James Milner have all been handpicked by the developers to feature in the game and show off their skills on the fairways.

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Posted by mario on

Love messis goal agsanit Madrid, starts at 3:20 , just the way busquets leaves it for him and he then goes on a mission destroying the defense and making casillas look like he plays for a pub team

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