The Liverpool-Barca connection is tenuous at best

It probably would’ve made a decent third instalment in the cinematic adventures of tough-talking street cop Popeye Doyle, but The Barcelona Connection is a hypothetical one of which not one but two Liverpool players won’t be buying their tickets for this summer.

The Liverpool-Barca connection is tenuous at best

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July 29th, 2013

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After a befuddled comment on national radio from Michael Owen, who said that troubled striker Luis Suarez should seek his fortune in Spain by claiming; “I’d be very surprised if he were to move to Arsenal. Madrid or Barcelona would make more sense”, we’re inclined to ask ourselves about the things that don’t make as much sense.

Namely, the fact that Barcelona reps haven’t actually made a formal approach for the player as far as we’re aware. It’s akin to this writer stating his childhood dream of travelling to either the Moon or Mars, then hearing from Owen on the radio that settling on a move to a remote Caribbean island wouldn’t be as logical even though NASA never received my calls.

What has materialised is a rather outlandish bid from Arsenal, believed to be £40 million and one pound, which contractually would force Liverpool to ask Uruguayan forward whether or not he would like to speak to the Gunners.

Although we’re prepared to hear Owen out on the destination, considering Suarez’ desire to leave English football, a move to Arsenal makes no sense at all. The retired England international could be accused of wishful thinking at best.

It is something that we can also level at Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina, whose manager Brendan Rogers loaned him to Napoli for the upcoming season after being “led to believe” that Barca would move for Reina to replace Victor Valdes – who has since decided to stay at the Nou Camp.

On the Anfield Wrap podcast, Rogers confirmed that a move there looked likely for the eight-year Liverpool veteran but has since done the deal with Napoli instead, leaving Reina “disappointed” that he could not instead try to remain the Reds’ number one following their signing of Simon Mignolet from Sunderland.

So there you have it; two players whose dream moves from Liverpool to Barca appear to be off in the space of a weekend despite there being no firm evidence that they were ever to happen in the first place.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be practicing my hula dance at my third-choice travel destination.

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