The 12,426th “lob Seaman” gag you’ve read today

This post has everything: A charity football match, a fantastic goal and a “lob Seaman” pun – what more do you want from a Monday morning?

The 12,426th “lob Seaman” gag you’ve read today

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May 28th, 2012

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Sunday saw the annual football charity shindig that is Soccer Aid – an event that raises many, many questions. Why is it called Soccer Aid instead of Football Aid? Why do England suddenly look like a good football team? Just what is Graeme Le Saux doing these days? Who the hell is Jonathan Wilkes?

Anyway, Soccer Aid sees a host of celebrities (using the ITV reality show definition of the word), some ex-pros and Robbie Williams come together and put on a show, all in the name of charidee. Unicef, to be precise.

And so, to the man who stole the show. Step forward Kasabian guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, who joined Nayim and Wayne Rooney in lobbing Seaman from an arbitrary distance.

Of course, whilst Clive Tyldesley showed genuine shock that somebody who isn’t a footballer by trade actually knows how to play football, Serge’s football abilities are actually pretty highly regarded. Not only did he have trials at several football clubs, he’s also responsibe for this strike on Soccer AM.

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