Taking a look at FIFA Street

We don’t usually cover computer games here on the Football Scores blog, but we have to admit to getting a little excited about the latest trailer for FIFA Street. Our pre-order is going in now…

Taking a look at FIFA Street

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February 15th, 2012

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FIFA Street is the hipper, cooler brother to the proper FIFA games, allowing you to play and show off your “tekkers” in car parks, housing estates (showing a complete disregard for local council bye-laws in the process) on top of tall buildings and on 5-a-side courts, as well as in proper arenas.

Wherever you play, you can enjoy a customised game mode so, if you’re playing in an office car park, expect a 2-on-2 kick-about with goals the size of postage stamps and, if you’re playing 6-a-side, expect the sort of rules that you’ll find at your local Soccer Centre.

The arenas are pretty impressive too. EA Sports have managed to work out to get a pitch on a Venice canal, another in centre of Paris and at various indoor arenas. There’s even a venue that looks suspiciously like Madison Square Garden but, for reasons that have probably involved lots of lawyers, is known simply as ‘New York Stadium’ – not to be confused with Rotherham’s new ground.

If you understand the difference between 6-a-side and Futsal you’re in luck, as the game offers both versions of the game (if you don’t know, Futsal doesn’t have walls around the pitch so the ball can still go out of bounds).
Take a look for yourself at some of the places that you can be showing off your “mad skills”:

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