Spanish goalkeeping lessons

Just what is going on with Spanish goalkeepers at the moment? At first we thought that it was just David De Gea, flapping his arms around the Old Trafford penalty area, that was the problem but no, it seems that the Spanish stoppers are struggling.

Spanish goalkeeping lessons

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January 11th, 2012

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Take, for example, Real Sociedad’s Eñaut Zubikarai, who has fallen victim to the same curse that befell Shay Given many years ago in a match against Coventry City. Yes, he was caught out by a crafty striker, in this instance Mallorca’s Gonzalo Castro, sneaking up behind him.

And also in Spain, those of you who watched Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey second leg at Malaga will have noticed this gaffe from Argentinean keeper Willy Caballero. Karmin Benzema should have been embarrassed to celebrate this.

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