Player booked for diving – whilst unconscious

We all hate diving in football. It’s a scourge on the game and we could do well without it. We say “no” to the antics of Suarez, Ronaldo, Rivaldo and even Steven Gerrard. We give thanks, therefore, to the referee in this Belgian lower league clash.

Player booked for diving – whilst unconscious

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March 8th, 2012

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We approve of players being cautioned for blatant acts of diving (and indeed, we could argue that hanging is too good for those guilty of such deviant acts). However, we think that booking those who actually aren’t guilty of diving and who are actually unconscious from a challenge is possibly taking things a bit far.

But that’s what happened in a clash between RSC Templeuvois and USG Quevy, when RSC player Julien Lecomte was knocked unconscious in the penalty area whilst challenging a high ball.

The referee, who we can’t quite put a name on as yet, was unconvinced by Lecomte’s fall and he was shown the red card. We’re not sure if he would have realised though, given that he was lying on the stretcher, unconscious, at the time.

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